Mid-twenties Doctor Who fan from near London. I reblog a lot of RTD era gifsets and I stan for virtually everyone in that era (except Jack. sucks to be Jack lol). Not a Moffat fan, to put it politely.

I am shinyopals on LJ as well, and that site is where my loyalty lies. If you're curious about my DW fic or any more wordy stuff about my life, that's the place.

I try to tag everything with the obvious tag (ie: 'the Avengers' or 'Harry Potter'). Sometimes I say mean things about Doctor Who that I don't want to broadcast, in which case I tag with 'DW related nonsense', although if you're tumblr saviouring Doctor Who then what are you doing here? I will tag for New Who spoilers with 'dw spoilers' for the first day or so, but after that I give up.


"the only thing in my mouth should be food"

so my sister just called me to complain for like, 20 minutes about how boring kissing is and ugh men always want to make out they are never content to just flirt ugh because she wanted me to validate her desire to ignore a guy she drunkenly made out with the other night who keeps texting her

she’s 24 but it’s like a fucking teenage high school drama i swear.


Then you’ll come with me, only when you want to. 
You’ll have a long wait, then. 
Not really. Just three weeks. Tell me, does your grandfather still own that telescope? 
He never lets go of it. 
Three weeks time. But you’ve got to be certain. Because when you come with me, Donna, sorry, so sorry, but you’re going to die.